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Due to Covid-19 we are experiencing staff shortages so opening times may be affected and we will be closed on Sundays until further notice. Please phone us to check we are open before you make your journey.

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Rely on Skilled Vehicle maintenance Services

in Derby, Derbyshire 

Keep Your Vehicle In Top Condition

Keep your vehicle in top condition when you take advantage of the comprehensive vehicle maintenance services we have to offer. Based in Derby, Derbyshire, B.A.B Motors Ltd diligently performs a variety of inspections and corrective services, including expert wheel alignment.

Capable Wheel Tracking

Wheel alignment, also known as wheel tracking, is the process of ensuring your vehicle’s wheels are set in the optimum position. There are many causes of wheel misalignment, such as hitting a kerb or pothole while driving. Excessive wear to steering and suspension components may also affect the alignment of wheels, resulting in rapid and irregular tyre wear as well as affected handling. 

Correcting any problems, our service ensures that tyres wear evenly and last longer. It costs from just £15 two have 2 tyres aligned, potentially doubling their lifespan. Because two wheel alignment bays are available, you’ll never be forced to wait for assistance.

One-of-a-Kind Service

At B.A.B Motors Ltd, we take pride in accommodating vehicles of many kinds. Unlike most garages, our team is capable of aligning the wheels of cars, vans, and 4x4 using brand-new, laser-aligned machines – so you’re sure to find the assistance you need when you visit our reputable company.

What’s more, our five-tonne commercial ramp with high door allowance ensures we’re able to bring your vehicle inside for servicing.

Skilled Puncture Repairs

When a passenger vehicle tyre is
punctured within the central three quarters of the tread, and the hole is
not larger than 6mm in diameter, a repair is typically the most cost-effective way of prolonging the tyre’s life. 

Taking between 20-30 minutes, our while-you-wait puncture repair service will restore the tyre to effective condition.

This state is guaranteed for the remainder of your tyre’s lifespan. Please note that we are unable to repair run-flat tyres.


At B.A.B Motors Ltd, we vehemently oppose the resale of part worn tyres. 

These tyres are a false economy, appearing cost-effective but ultimately leading to greater expense in the future.

Most importantly, we feel that part worn tyres are potentially lethal as there is no certain way of knowing a resold tyre’s origin or usage history.

Instead, we provide a wide variety of affordable tyres for cars, vans, and 4x4.

Your Wheels

Wheel balancing is the process of equalising the weight of the combined tyre and wheel assembly so
that it spins smoothly at high speeds.

Placing the wheel onto a balancer, our expert team will centre the wheel and spin it to determine the correct
placement of weights.

Saving tyres from an early demise, our service reduces wear and tear on ball joints and suspension. Moreover, it works to eliminate vibrations that travel through the steering wheel - meaning your car will drive more smoothly.


Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are built into many vehicles and measure the pressure of your tyres. 

However, they are not immune to malfunctioning. Rigorously testing your TPMS, our skilled staff will ensure your monitor is checking tyres correctly.

Fully qualified and experienced, we are able to replace broken systems. The result is a system that effectively helps to extend the life of your tyre, improves the safety of your vehicle, and enhances fuel efficiency.

Your Tyres

B.A.B Motors Ltd recommends that customers check their tyre pressure every two weeks in order to maintain tyres correctly.

It is also important to check tyre pressure during periods of sudden, dramatic temperature change.

Contact Us

Contact our tyre suppliers today, in Derby, Derbyshire, to arrange vehicle maintenance services including quality wheel alignment.

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Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
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